“Not Far Enough South”

February 25th, 2015     Opinion

After missing the forecasts for the past several days, the weather prognosticators finally hit the nail on the head. With the temperature hovering around 30 degrees, New Albany and the surrounding area saw its first real snowfall of the season, beginning around 1:30 PM on February 25th, 2015.

Treacherous though it may be in the South, due to inexperienced drivers, lack of snow equipment, possible power failures,etc., the snowfall was, never the less, a lovely and mesmerizing thing to watch. Lightly traveled roads were quickly dusted with snow, because the ground had been cold for many days. As evergreens went from deep green to frosted white, the browned remains of summer’s grass disappeared beneath a clean white carpet stretching off into the distance. The snow, for the most part, fell straight down, with little wind to disturb its path. I loved the visual part of the event.

Unfortunately, my sick “indoor” cat didn’t make it to the vet, my plans to leave for a beach trip were thrown into question and I fretted about the well-being of my “transient” outdoor cats. I worried about friends who had to report to work, rain or shine, and about loved ones already at work and facing the tedious, at best, drive home. I hoped the supply of milk, bread, pop tarts and vienna sausage would hold out for those caught unprepared for this much-predicted weather. This part of the event was not quite so charming.

My family just returned from a five day trip to Missouri to visit friends and relatives. We considered the weather for days before starting the trip, every day during the trip, and, especially, for the entire drive home. However, we managed to dodge several bullets and made the round trip with no “falling weather” to deal with, though there was plenty to see from previous storms still on the ground.

When my husband wakes from the “short winter’s nap” he is currently enjoying, and looks outside,  I know that he will make his oft repeated statement: “I told you, we didn’t move far enough South.”





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