Quick business as usual for County Supervisors, April 11

April 11th, 2016     Government & Politics

During a brief morning meeting Monday April 11th, the Union County Board of Supervisors:

  • Listened to a presentation by Terry Westmoreland, an insurance agent from Arkansas representing Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company. Westmoreland asked the board’s permission to call on about 100 Union County employees to present them with a “supplemental life insurance program” under which the employee could buy life insurance. He said employees who sign up for the program would have premiums deducted from their county pay checks, but that there would be no actual cost to the county.

Board President Randy Owen told Westmoreland that the board would check to see if there is any interest among county workers for a supplemental life insurance plan.

  • Heard a request from Union County Election Commissioner Michael Beam to authorize the  election commission to have access to the Three Rivers solid waste customer records for use in maintaining voter records.

The election commission was told the county board would take the request under advisement.

  • Approved a supplemental agreement for state aid on building the new bridge on Martintown Road.
  • Approved two change orders on the construction project to prepare an existing county-owned building for use by Emerald Industries. One change order increased the cost of the project and the other provided for a decrease in construction costs.
  • Approved a public entity auction bond for GovDeals, Inc.

The county board will meet again at 10 a.m., Monday, April 18th.

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