Rittenhouse ‘not guilty’ on all charges – National & International News – FRI 19Nov2021

Kyle Rittenhouse sobs as judge reads out verdict acquitting him on all charges in his murder case.


Rittenhouse found ‘not guilty’ on all charges. Build Back Better passes House, heads to Senate. Canada’s military to help 1000s stranded after floods.



Jury acquits Rittenhouse on all charges

After nearly 4 days of deliberations, the jury in Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial in Kenosha, WI, have found the teen “not guilty” on all charges. The teen killed two men and seriously wounded a third during police brutality protests in the city last year. Rittenhouse’s defense team argued that Rittenhouse had fired on the two unarmed protesters he killed in self defense. In closing arguments earlier this week, prosecutors pointedly argued Rittenhouse could not claim self-defense from a danger that he himself had created.

The presiding judge in the case, Bruce Schroeder has drawn a great deal of criticism from observers of the case. Many have questioned Schroeder’s impartiality as he made numerous decisions throughout the trial that overwhelmingly weighted court proceedings in the defense’s favor.

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Build Back Better passes the House, heads to Senate

After yet another deadline missed earlier this week, the House of Representatives has at last passed the Build Back Better bill and have sent it on to the Senate. The Build Back Better bill will spend about $1.7 trillion over the next 10 years towards a number of initiatives.

The bill includes several provisions that will benefit families with children. It extends for one year the monthly per-child cash tax credit payment. It also establishes universal pre-K and child-care subsidies. The bill also establishes some healthcare benefits including Affordable Care Act subsidies, hearing coverage for Medicare recipients, and some home health care funding for seniors.

The legislation also devotes $555 billion towards combating climate change. A provision to guarantee 4 weeks of paid family leave may more may not survive passage in the Senate.

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Canada’s military to help 1000s of stranded British Columbians after storm

Earlier this week, a series of powerful storms hit the west coast. Parts of British Columbia suffered catastrophic flooding, which some described as a 500-year storm. The torrents washed out major roads around the province. Several communities are now completely cut off, having lost access to overland routes.

At present, at least 18,000 people have been displaced and three have died as a result of the storm. For the time being, most that are still in their homes have power and gas, but supplies may run out if overland access is not restored. This has caused a run on grocery stores, whose shelves are now largely empty.

Canada as has dispatched military personnel and equipment to aid in the recovery effort and to restore transport links.

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