Supremes straddle the fence on Basil’s appeal

September 17th, 2015     Government & Politics

UPDATE:  9-17-2015

The Mississippi Supreme Court jumped up, grabbed hold of the Union County school superintendent brawl and landed — hard — astride the fence.


Here’s the back story, very briefly, in the  remote event that anyone doesn’t already know it:

Browning nominated…election commission throws out nomination…Browning appeals…judge rules for Browning…Basil appeals, twice…Supreme Court accepts Basil’s appeal…

Then in its ruling today the Mississippi Supreme Court added a little more confusion where confusion was already in good supply.

The Court’s own words:  “IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the Motion for Stay and for Expedited Briefing Schedule and Ruling is denied, in part, and granted, in part.”

We think this means they will not throw out Circuit Judge John Gregory’s ruling today but may decide to do so in the future, perhaps in October.

The full text of today’s order, signed by Mississippi Chief Justice William L. Waller, Jr. (yes, the son of the late former governor of the same name) may be read by clicking on this link:

YES and NO Ruling

For  previous  episodes of this story,  click below on Circuit Court ruling in favor of Browning  and  Back to the Courthouse, Basil appeals ruling.


Union County Superintendent of Education Ken Basil asked the state supreme court Wednesday to keep challenger Roger Browning’s name off the November ballot.

Mississippi Chief Justice William L. Waller, Junior has ordered Browning’s lawyers to file a response to Basil’s motion by 10 a.m. Thursday morning, Sept. 17.

The county Republican committee qualified Browning to run as a candidate for the top job in the county school system. However, the Union County Election Commission ruled in August that Browning was not qualified for the job, because he does not live in the county school district. The commission ordered that Browning’s name would not appear on the ballot.

Browning then filed suit in Union County Circuit Court asking that the election commission and circuit clerk be ordered to place his name on the ballot as Basil’s Republican opponent for the Union County Superintendent of Education position.

Circuit Judge John Gregory ruled yesterday, Tuesday, Sept. 15, in Browning’s favor.

Basil’s attorney, James D. Bell of Jackson, immediately filed a motion yesterday asking Judge Gregory to reconsider his decision allowing Browning on the ballot.

The motion filed today on behalf of Basil with the Mississippi Supreme Court is in addition to the one asking Gregory to revisit his judgement. The motion Basil filed with the supreme court asks for a “stay and for Expedited Briefing Schedule and Ruling.”

For details of the Supreme Court Filing see: Basil MS Supreme Court Appeal


See earlier stories on for more detail about this ongoing battle.

Circuit Court Ruling in favor of Browning  and  Back to the Courthouse, Basil appeals ruling

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From the Community

JD Williams says:

I agree that Basil is an interested party. He’s interested in keeping his big salary! He must be desperate to be going to these lengths to keep Browning off the ballot.

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