Tallahatchie River Players announce youth auditions for Robin Hood

April 21st, 2015     Community Organizations, Misc.

TRP’s Auditions for the Youth Production of

Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 2-5 p.m.
Ladies Building
New Albany Fairgrounds

Eligible Candidates: Students who are currently in5th Grade-8th Grade

Characters Needed: 8 Male & 8 Female (minimumspeaking parts); Extra Non-Speaking & Short Line Parts include Merry Men, Villagers, & Guards

Rehearsal Dates: Monday, Tuesday or Thursday Summer evenings as pre-scheduled; Possible Saturdays as needed.

Performance Dates: July 30, 31 & August 1

Here’s What You Need To Know
 Be prepared to memorize a few lines on-site to perform (They will be short & easy).
 You must be prepared to have a photo taken, fill out forms and follow directions.
 Please dress appropriate to be active. Sandals, skirts or dress clothing are discouraged.
 Parents will not be allowed to watch the audition process. However, parents MUST remain on the
premises during the audition time.
Remember, the key to a great audition is being relaxed and have fun!

After the Audition
If necessary, you will be notified by phone or by e-mail for a “call back.” If you are, you will be given a day and
time to come back to the theatre. You will read scenes from the script along with others. If you are not called back,
do not be discouraged. It is important that we carefully match individual actors with scripted characters that have
specific qualities envisioned by the playwright. Call backs will only be used if we need additional consideration for

Cast Posting
The final cast posting will be made by Tuesday, May 5th at 3 pm. You will be able to find the list posted at the box
office at the theater and on the TRP Website. Please do NOT call the director for casting information.
An acceptance email will be sent to cast members and they must confirm their spot by
Sunday May 10, 2015 or the position will be recast.

If You Are Cast
You will be expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals. Rehearsals are typically scheduled on Monday, Tuesday or
Thursdays during the summer evenings for approximately 2 hours, and every day the 2 weeks prior to the show.

Robin Hood Character Overview
General Description of the Characters in the Play (Listed By Appearance)
Special casting considerations for each part are listed below.


Beth: Sassy female member of Robin Hood’s Merry Band; Fights with a sword and is the love interest of Little John
Mother Meg: Mother figure of Robin Hood’s Merry Band; She is a great cook and can handle herself in a fight
Little John: Robin’s right-hand man in the Merry Band; Plans to marry Beth; Very strong and fights a lot; His name is a
contrast for his LARGE size (SIZE CONSIDERED IN CASTING)
Old Widow: Victim of the Sheriff that is rescued by Robin’s men; Mournful and weary character
Will Scarlet: One of Robin’s man men in the Merry Band; Very fast in a fight and fights a lot
Robin Hood: Main Character; The outlaw of Sherwood Forest; Excellent archer, quick with a staff and great with a sword; Loyal to
the King, but rebuffs the corrupt hierarchy; A quick wit and brave; Falls in love with Maid Marion; LOTS OF LINES
Friar Tuck: Jovial religious monk who joins Robin’s Merry Band; Good with a staff; Very rotund and loves to eat; Provides comic
Soldier #1: Guardsman for the Sherriff; Often Fighting Robin’s men with swords
Soldier #2: Guardsman for the Sherriff; Often Fighting Robin’s men with swords
Lady Merle: Evil noble woman related to Prince John; Plots to help Prince John steal the throne from King Richard; Clever and
manipulative; Guardian to Maid Marian
Maid Marian: Ward of King Richard who has been left in the care of Lady Merle; Fair and just, Marian disagrees with the injustices
she sees; Falls in love with Robin Hood
Kaspar: One of the Sheriff’s soldiers; An excellent marksman, who competes against Robin in the archery competition
Sheriff’s Wife: A clumsy social climber who is eager to impress; Often misuses French phrases; Comic relief
Salome: The Sheriff’s backward daughter; She is a bit ditzy and naïve; This character provides immense comic relief;
Stranger: Shadowy character who interacts with the public that does not reveal his person until the end (King Richard)


Merry Band Members: Members of Robin’s Merry Band; Fill in scenes with pantomime acting or small lines; A few may fight
Villagers: People who live in Sherwood or Nottingham and conduct business or activities while scenes take place; Primarily fills the
County Fair scene by enjoying the fair and watching the archery contest
Fair Folk: Specific group of extras who sell wares to the villagers or run contests during the county fair
Soldiers: The Sheriff’s men who guard things, fight with the Merry Band and guard things; Some action may be required

For more information about the audition process, expected parental volunteer hours, costumes, time commitment,rehearsal hours, etc., visit www.tallahatchieriverplayers.com or contact the director, Renee Reid at grreid31@gmail.com or 662-538-8317.

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