The DIM Prize to be Awarded McDaniel?

January 29th, 2015     Community People

Is there Dim Prize?

Two old men in New York bought Chris McDaniel $17-million worth of name recognition, a huge gift of political capital. By whatever tactics, fair or not, Cochran thumped him.The Koch Brothers then took their losses, cut off the money and lived to fight another day.

But not their boy Chris. No sirree!

He squandered the Koch Brothers’ massive gift by fighting a battle he cannot win. When Cochran leaves office, an event that can’t be far in the future, McDaniel could likely have won the seat in a walk.

Not now. Instead of gracefully congratulating the doddering Cochran and patiently waiting his turn, Chris fouled his nest by further alienating all the Big Mules in the Republican Party.

Go figure.


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